What company name will show on the cc statements?

It will show AOT Inc.

Is the website accept American Express credit card?

No, we do not accept AMEX.

What credit cards do you accept?

We Accept Visa, Master, Discover and JBC.

Can I use checks, money order, bank wiring or Paypal to buy the videos?

No, we do not accept any of these payments.

Is the videos encrypted with DRM restrictions?

No, all of our videos are DRM free. Feel free to transfer to any devices you like to watch!

Is there any mosaic blur on the video?

No, all of JapornDL's videos are uncensored, you can check the screen shots for more details before purchase.

What are the videos' formats?

All of our videos are encoded in wmv and mp4. All newly encoded videos are mp4, we do NOT encoded and support wmv anymore.

What are SD Video?

SD Video Stands for Standard Definition Video, which the video width and height ratio is 4 : 3. It included VHS, VCD and DVD resolutions.

Can your video(s) playable on tablets and smart phones & smart TVs?

Yes, all of our videos are playable on all devices.

Is there any hardware and software requirements to watch your videos?

No, all of the devices on the market are playable.

Could I keep the videos forever, after downloaded?

Yes, after you downloaded, it's yours forever!

Which browser is best to download the videos?

We strongly recommended Google Chrome and Firefox browser

Where is my download link(s)?

After order went through, please check your email for the download link(s).

How come I can't find the download link(s) in my email?

Please also check your spam and junk mailbox for the download link.

I still can't find the order download link(s)?

Please contact us with your order # and we will generate a download link for you.

How long will it take to download one video?

Our HD video file size is average 3 GB, it will takes about 1-3 minutes to download using Fios.

After purchased the video, how many times can I download my video?

Each purchased video, you will have 5 times to download. If you need more, please contact us with your order #.

How can I subscribe paid membership?

Paid membership had all been terminated on 4/15/2016, is no longer selling premium membership subscription on the website. If you are existing premium member, please contact us asap, we will add credits into your account so that you can continue your video download.

What is Japoints?

Sample way to explain Japoints is a reward for every dollar you spent on

How is Japoints calculate?

Every $1.00 you spent on, you will receive 30 Japoints. And 100 Japoints equal $1.00.

How to redeem my Japoints?

Once your Japoints accumulate to 500, you can request a $5.00 OFF coupon code from your Japoints account, you can use this coupon code to make your next purchase.

*This coupon code can be only use once, and we suggest you make your next purchase amount larger than $5.00, or else you are wasting this $5.00 dollars coupon code.

How many ways can I get Japoints?

In order to get all 4 ways of Japoints, you need to open a Japoints account. Click on the black "Japoints" button on the bottom left of our webpages and sign up.

There are 4 ways you can get Japoints:

1. Signup for Japoints account and 500 Japoints is yours immediately, this equal $5.00 OFF immediately. Click on the black "Japoints" button on the bottom left of our webpages and sign up. After signup, your Japoints reward account starts immediately.

2. Make a purchase from, every dollar spent equal to 30 Japoints.

3. Referring your friends, your friend gets 500 Japoints immediately which equal $5.00 OFF, and you will receive a 50% OFF coupon code immediately.

4. On your birthday you will receive 500 Japoints automatically, which is another $5.00 OFF. You MUST enter your date of birth at least one month before being rewarded. 

3 Types of Japoints Discounts

$5.00 Discount Costs 500 Japoints
$10.00 Discount Costs 1000 Japoints
$25.00 Discount Costs 2500 Japoints

Any Restrictions of Japoints

If the subtotal & total price is equal to $0 dollar, order will be automatically cancel.

Coupon Code
How to receive a coupon code?

If you are ready to make a purchase, please contact us and you will get a 20% off coupon code right away.

How often is the coupon code been sent?

We do not have a routine schedule for the coupon code to be send, but most of the U.S. and Japan holidays we will send them out, only to our newsletter subscribers.